Our Story

Helping to Relieve Stress

A friend of mine once told me that pen making was a stress relief. Years latter I came under some very heavy stress. The people I was serving at the place I was working wanted to get rid of me right in the middle of a major event I was hosting. So I bought a cheap lathe placed a stick of firewood onto it and turned it on. Moments later woodchips where flying and it seamed like a backpack of stress fell off my back and I was hooked.

Designed to Perfection

Well, maybe not at first. Soon that stick of firewood was a small dowl-looking object. Remembering what my friend stated years earlier I looked for parts and ink to place into it. Once I found it our first pen evolved.

Picking The Right Materials

Soon I upgraded my equipment, and began searching for quality remnant materials from all over the world that I could use to meticulously handcraft more pens


Designed to Perfection

Well, God did the biggest part. While searching for materials a pheasant in a hurry to get away from my car dropped a beautiful feather that flurried under the wake of my car. I turned my vehicle around to pick this beauty up.  Upon returning to my makeshift shop I attached a nib from some pen parts I had extra of. This one became a hit gift and people wanted more.


Pride in our Craft

I soon began gaining more equipment, and turned just about anything rocks, metal, plastic, epoxy, and more.


the Smoke house

I converted a smoke house to my woodshop and kept on learning how to make more and more wooden things like bowls, spoons, pizza cutters, and pepper mills.

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After making thousands of wooden, stone, plastic, steel, and more instruments Pen-OR-Quill was born out of a necessity to repurpose what was made.

At Pen-OR-Quill, we are passionate about the art of writing. We believe that the act of putting pen to paper is a powerful form of self-expression and creativity. Our mission is to provide meticulously handcrafted instruments that elevate the writing experience and inspire individuals to embrace the beauty of words.

Yes, the relief of stress is an important factor too but, seriously when you pick up any pen, quill, pencil, or fountain and begin writing I am sure you will feel the stress leave your back too. Each pen was made with love so that you can do what you love to write, draw and/or create.