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Finding Your Style is Easier than You Might Think

By Merlin Cochran

If you are looking at the many awesome pens here at Pen-OR-Quill or out there in the world and wondering, “How do I choose which one is for me?”, well, look no further!

In this post, I am going to talk about pens, writing styles, ink, design, and maybe even the paper you use.

In the end, I’ll include a list of some of my favorite pens and provide a way for you to get 15% off your first order.

Writing Styles and Pen Types

How a pen delivers ink to the surface of what is being written is how we define writing styles. There are quite a few stiles out there.

Fountain Pens or Quills

Fountain pens, dipping pens, and quill pens, perhaps are magnificent to look at but, it takes technique to operate. Today this “operation” is called calligraphy. It is fun to use and calligraphists can make some cash when creating invitations or personal notes for clients.

Fountain pens use an ink feed to bring liquid ink down to the tip of the pen this is called the nib. They can make your signature look awesome. Some writers enjoy the maintenance involved with this type of pen. It can be a love-hate relationship.

The best fountain pens can last for years with proper maintenance and care. 1500 years ago this style was predominately in use and the very wealthy had mechanicalized fountains while the lower classes would have to resort to dipping the pen into an ink well. At Pen-OR-Quill we have a number of Fountains, Quills, and Dipping Pens with ink wells and refills.


Ballpoint today is the most used pen style in the world today. Millions of this type are made every day. Basically, ballpoints have a small ball roll at the tip of the pen which spreads ink to pretty much any writing surface as pressure is applied. Currently, Pen-OR-Quill has a few of these handcrafted ballpoint pens on hand for you to view. The Wallstreet/Gatsby are medium weighted and sized pens. While the BigBen is a bit more hefty in weight. Our Slimline/Arrow pens are slimmer and much lighter in weight. You can even build your own pen with our pen customizer feature.


A Rollerball pen is the best of both worlds its ink is the same as a fountain pen and it uses a ballpoint. While writing with this style you get a smooth writing experience without the maintenance of the fountain pen.

Gel Pen

A Gell pen is a rollerball/ballpoint pen that uses gel for ink. Gel pens are water-based while ballpoints are generally oil-based.

Felt Tip Pen

A felt tip pen is made of fibers that are pressed together to form the writing tip. These fibers soak up the ink and then apply it to the writing surface.


Since paper is made from natural materials such as trees and other plants a lot of people prefer the stylus because it doesn’t write on paper but instead technology. Yep, we have those too.

What kind of ink works best for you? Well, I will have that post next week. For in the meantime would you like 15% off your next pen from If so, then please subscribe. I’ll send you a coupon for 15% and in addition, you will receive exclusive deals just for my subscribers around the holidays that you can use for gifts and more. To subscribe please fill out the form below. And we will see you soon!